Illuminated Rotating Desk Fan

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This rotating desk fan features four dimmable 25w test-tube candelabra style Edison bulbs in place of fan blades. A rotary knob rheostat switch at the top of the device controls the level of light, from quite bright to just barely visible.

This device was originally a mid-century GE desk fan. It casts light in all directions, making it particularly attractive for open spaces. Its smaller footprint makes it ideal for an office, den, bedroom, living room or shelf. It casts a very warm candlelight-like color, and can be bright enough to read by.

The Illuminated Desk Fan's bulbs are easily and quickly replaced without removing the fan cage.

The device measures 10" tall, 10" wide and 8" deep, and is all-metal construction. All electrical materials used are certified, and all connections are designed for safety and durability. The unit has been thoroughly tested for reliability.


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