Illuminated Philco Radio with Bluetooth Audio

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This vintage piece (circa 1933) has been refitted with a high-quality 6.5-inch speaker and a 60-watt amplifier that is bluetooth capable. It features four hairpin filament tubular bulbs in its front opening. The dial is backlit when the audio feature is turned on, and displays a subtle flashing prior to connecting to a bluetooth source. The lighting may be adjusted for brightness as desired via the main dial. Fine-mesh brass screen shines cheerily in the front as the bulbs are illuminated.

It can play music from any device via either bluetooth or direct line in. Examples include a smart phone, tablet, laptop Alexa or Google Home. It comes with a shielded cord to allow direct plug in of any device that has a standard headphone output such as a phone, tablet, laptop or MP3 player. The sound quality is rich and deep with a vintage tone - at higher volumes, the light filaments respond to the sound vibrations, adding an interesting visual element to your music. Comes with a detailed manual of operation.


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