1932 Philco 52 Radio with Bluetooth Audio

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This beautifully designed vintage radio hails from the year 1932. We love its sound, and have refitted it with a 50-watt bluetooth amplifier and 6.5" full range speaker for outstanding audio quality.

Lighting is controlled via the radio dial, from barely visible to cheerily bright.
A flip of a brass switch turns on the audio function, indicated by the dial lighting up. After connecting (with ease) the first time, the unit will automatically connect to your device, confirmed with a pleasant short tone. That is when the fun begins.

Audio quality - Like many other radios of its day, this piece was beautifully designed to reproduce sound, especially in the mid-tones of the human voice. Warmth and presence rings right out of the nearly 100-year old wood with clarity, charm and a full-bodied sound that is as unique as it is inviting. It is a thrill to hear any variety of audio coming from this remarkable device - but it is especially at home with tunes from the 1920s-40s era. It's only natural. We have experimented for years to find the right combination of amplifier and speaker to optimize the tone of our wonderful radios, and have discovered what we think is the very best.

This is the only device of its kind, and is bound to quickly become a showpiece in your home. 

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