Candlesticks & Candle Holders

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A variety of vintage and gently used candlesticks to illuminate your home. Gorham crystal, clear glass, pineapple shaped, and more. Unique and lovely. Pick your favorites, for yourself and for gift giving. 

Set 1: "Gorham Crystal." Stemmed and elegant Gorham full lead crystal, made in Germany. Small labels still on set. 

Set 2: "Brass and Marble." Heavy brass and marble for your desk or table. Vintage looking, slight patina. Felted bottom. 

Set 3: "Glass Pineapple." Who doesn’t love the pineapple? Trendy, sizable glass stems with pineapple design and solid octagonal base. Go funky with yellow or colorful candles. 

Set 4: "Short Round Glass." Who remembers “Wicks ‘n’ Sticks,” founded in Houston, Texas in 1968? These small lovely cylinder glass candle holders have a uniquely modern and minimalist feel. “WICKS N STICKS USA” printed on bottom of each. 

Set 5: “Beaded Glass." Funky, beaded, rounded set. Short in stature, big on style. 

Set 6: “Mini-Fountain.” Also compact size (read: short) with an ornate glass ‘fountain’ shape. 



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