Meural Canvas

The Meural Canvas smart art frame, powered by NETGEAR®, brings every brushstroke to
life with patented TrueArt technology.


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Annual Membership
Access 10s of Thousands Works of Art

Your passport to the world of art

Each Meural Canvas includes 100 curated images from Meural’s art library. With the Meural Membership, your Canvas can access the Meural art library from classic to conceptual, and beyond. You'll also get premium works from leading partners, exclusive editorial, and more.

4 ways to instantly change art

Meural's patented TrueArt technology renders
images as lifelike as a museum original.

Orientation versatility

The Canvas automatically detects the current orientation automatically, so you can hang in either horizontal or vertical and guarantee images are always displayed correctly. And now, with the Meural Swivel Mount, it’s easy to switch. You can effortlessly change between horizontal and vertical in seconds.

A gallery in any space

Old art, new art, and everything in between; Meural brings 30,000+ works to your wall. Meural Members make the most of their Canvas.

Four ways to control

• The wave of your hand
• Meural’s online dashboard
• The Meural app
• Amazon Alexa

Display you own art

Easily upload, crop and filter your own photos.