Featured Artists

Our autumn featured artist is Dr. Kent White of Illuminated Objects.


Kent White began crafting Illuminated Objects in 2014; since making his distinctive form of Illuminology a full-time profession in 2016, he has created well over a thousand uniquely designed pieces.

Combining his artistic sensibility with early training from his electrical engineer father, White creates works that preserve and evoke the original functionality of a wide range of curious devices. His approach adds light, elegance and functionality to the beauty of objects born in the Age of Electrification.

Illuminated Objects have won awards and been featured in numerous local and national media. Said one fan of his work, “It's an engineering piece of genius, an artistic wonderment and a beautiful piece of mind twisting confusion.”

Please join us at The Blue Butterfly (113 Trapelo Road in Belmont, MA) on Saturday, October 26 to meet Dr. White and see his intriguing work.