Artist Stories

The Blue Butterfly is showing and selling pieces from several exciting artists working today. Here is a snapshot of our artist partners (alphabetical by last name):

Jackie Fuchs. Jackie Fuchs was born in Brooklyn, New York. After starting her career as a stylist and salon owner in Manhattan, her interest in art and the creative process was piqued when she moved to Provincetown, Massachusetts in the 1980s and immersed herself in the thriving artist community there. 


Ellen Hallie Schiff. Impressionist paintings. ... Learn more at 


Joe Higgins. Fished Impressions.

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Ali Horeanopoulos. 9000 Things. 

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Lucy Schappy. We are proud to have three pieces by Canadian Contemporary Artist Lucy Schappy hanging in the store: “Loretta,” “Perch,” and “Spring Rain ‘14.” 

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