Turning to Art in Uncertain Times

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Most of us acknowledge this time as one of unprecedented anxiety. For me, I've shuttered our physical retail store temporarily (just six months after opening) to comply with state and national recommendations. In times of anxiety, we need solace. Some people may find this by turning your attention to art. 

One of the reasons I highlight art in the store is because it captures our imagination and helps us to think a bit outside of ourselves. Whether you're a lover of sculpture, sketches, painting, or photography - you understand the ways art can help the mind wander and believe in things that are possible. We need that belief right now more than ever. 

I also believe that art and inspiration can be found anywhere. Not just on the wall, but in a smile, on the side of the road, a landscape, or in a gorgeously written sentence. For those of us who are not scholars or connoisseurs of fine art, we can find art... well, anywhere.

Though many online news and entertainment outlets have listed the myriad ways to stream or view free galleries, I've narrowed it down to a few favorites. Here a few places you can go (virtually) to let your mind wander and find some beauty.

Enjoy! My best, Erin @ The Blue Butterfly

Click each recommended link below: 

View Versailles from above

The British Museum

The art of Basquiat

African American History & Culture

Opera from The Met

If Mother Nature is your thing


And finally, when signposts become art .



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