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Here is more about The Blue Butterfly, and why we carry our particular variety of goods: 

Art: The more people I talk with, the more I hear them say they want to get rid of useless clutter at home and instead, invest in something that means something to them. Like artwork. The Blue Butterfly works with several current artists to consign and sell their work. Also, we handpick used art from a variety of sources and refurbish them so they will work in any modern home. Not just for you, though. Art can be a great gift - for partners, friends, family members, newlyweds, weekend hosts, and even for the baby's room (who needs another onesie?). Come check out our artists' work. We plan to rotate our selection frequently.

Meural Frames: What's a Meural and why are you spelling it that way? A Meural is a modern, smart art frame. Currently, The Blue Butterfly is one of only a handful of stores selling these frames in all of New England. Officially called a Meural Canvas and powered by NETGEAR, this hip hanging frame gives you access to tens of thousands of museum quality paintings and photographs to show in your home. Rotate the art as often as you want, keep a Picasso up for days, or upload your own photo playlist. Great for small spaces and for making an impact. We have several Meural frames hanging in the store. You must come and see the quality yourselves. 

Vintage and vintage-inspired: No dust, nothing in bad condition, and nothing so outdated that you wouldn't want to use it now. We've curated and cleaned up only good, quality items (think funky bud vases, cool old paintings, and vintage baubles) and will continue to do so with an expert eye. We're also working with artisans who make new stuff but with a vintage vibe, including jewelry, prints, cards, housewares, and more.

Travel: The store was almost named Sojourn. In the dictionary, sojourn is described as "a temporary stay." But we know it's much more than that, don't we? So, we have travel books and cool goods for the sojourner in all of us. Examples include travel size copper candles for your hotel bedside, 3oz lotions that you can get through security and bring on the plane, and practical goods like luggage tags and travel locks.  

Bonus: If you read this blog all of the way through, you get 10% off your first purchase. Prove it by asking us at checkout why we didn't go with the store name Sojourn, and how we ended up with The Blue Butterfly. This will help us get to know each other, too. 

We hope to see you soon,

Erin @ The Blue Butterfly 


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